Different worlds, different minds???

Kia Ora

in other words Hello,

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  1. Hi Astrid. Good to see you again in Hokitika.
    We will keep an eye out for you in Lake Bruner.
    Love your blog. Hope you have tail winds all the way back to Christchurch.
    Vicki and Greg

  2. Hi Astrid,
    to this day I have rarely read such an inspiring travel report, the joy, the doubts, the feelings of happiness, the suffering and the descriptions with pictures ……… Just great.
    If I read these loving lines I would like to book a flight ticket, grab a bike and collect the same experiences.
    I wish you continued great experiences,
    many greetings from Crete,

  3. Hallo Astrid,
    Ich habe selten solch einen inspirierenden Reisebericht gelesen, hinterlegt mit sehr schören Bildern ……man hat das Gefühl, als ob man hinten auf deinem Gepäckträger mitfährt….einfach grandios.

    Dir weiterhin eine schöne Reise,
    viele Grüsse aus Deutschland,

  4. Hi Astrid
    Great to spend some time with you over a mochachino yesterday! It sounds as though your afternoon got very interesting with discovering the bike park and accommodation shortage!
    Your blog is great, it was fun to read!
    Look forward to following the rest of your journey.

    Ange & Andy
    Queenstown, NZ

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