Mental Training for Sports Goals

You are planning an expedition? A competition?
You have the feeling your training does not take you to new horizons?
You wish to be freed from fear or blockades? Nervousness prior to competitions?
You are in Rehab, had an OP and want to pick up pace seasonably?

Body and mental training belong together. If you think pessimistic, your very well trained body will not make the difference. If you have learned to generate constructive thoughts when you need them, you can achieve new best achievements.
I love to work with body, mind and emotions and this is what I recommend you to do. Here is a small selection of mental training topics that I recommend you to have a thorough look before you head of for you next adventure:

  • What is your motivation? What is the goal behind the goal? What are your drivers?
  • Why can you do it? What are your achievements (and I mean all your achievements, not just the most decisive ones)
  • What are the risks? How do you want to master the risks? Once you have answered that question you should not be afraid of the risks as you have just answered yourself the question of how you want to take the risks.
  • Set the pre-conditions to achieve your goal - inform and - if necessary - limit your time spend with family, friends, internet, work etc. to a degree where your goal is not at risk
  • Focus on the things that support you in achieving your goal. Analyse the risks during the preparation phase but concentrate on your strengths and the possibility to achieve your goal during your performance

This is what mentally strong adventurers look life after a nice shower from above