Get up with a smile 🙂

Not everybody is amused by the sound of an alarm clock. However, it is your choice what you think and how you feel about an alarm. I start the day with an activity I like. In my case this is music and sports. Instead of rushing to work as quickly as I can, I go for a good ride in the morning. I still arrive in the office at "normal" times, just like the majority of my colleagues.

~ I chose the way I live my life. Noone else. ~

Give yourself what you need

When I wake up or during my morning ride or under the shower I prepare an agenda with goals that I want to achieve during the day. The key question is - 'What strengths and resources do I need to achieve my goals?'. Before I put on my office outfit, I hang those resources on my dress. When I then consciously put on my clothes, I feel I would absorb the resources that will help to manage the day successfully. With the resources on my clothes, I have everything I need to master the day. There are no doubts.

~ I have got everything I need on or inside me. ~

Train your brain to think positive

Where are your thoughts on a Sunday evening? Weekend? Monday morning? Do you draw your attention to the positive or the negative things in life? What makes you angry?

Many cultures have a strong focus on negative aspects. The negative is always present, always at sight. You can hear that when people say 'Don't do this', 'Watch out', 'Mind ...', 'Be aware that...'
The tremendous amount of insurance policies offered to back-up for the unpredictable - for dead, for property and eternity, even in relationships between human beings - pretends that luck was preservable. It is, as long as it is flexible.

I focus on the things that help me to grow and get better. Whenever I am trying to achieve a goal, an ambitious wish or a dream, I focus on the activities that bring me closer to my goal. When it gets uncomfortable I focus on the chances and motivate myself by answering the question: 'What is the outcome'.

~ It is nice to suffer every now and then. This makes me grow. ~

Goals want to be achieved, not dreamed

When you have set yourself a target, do everything you need to do in order to achieve the goal. Get organised so you have the time, the promoters, the equipment, the money and what else you may need to achieve your goal.
Get into your goal, hear the applause from the audience, feel what it feels like to be there where you want to be...

Risks are there to ensure you reach your goal. Risks are fantastic. They approach, with notice. And you can think how you want to take it. Once you have noticed that there is a risk on your way towards the finish line start thinking of what you need to master the risk.

And what happens in the event of an unpredictable happening?
You can be sure that you can master that. You are not a newbie on this planet, are you?! I am sure you have taken extraordinary challenges in your life, and you have mastered them. Trust yourself! Trust your power and your brain!

It is your conscious decision how much you stick to "common" thinking. You decide whether or not you adapt social and community patterns. This is your life. Life how you want to life, not how your society wants you to life.

~ You can and you should decide if you have the right thinking to reach your goals. ~

But...and if...

As I already said: risks are fantastic. They draw your attention to those factors that may hinder you from reaching your goal. Before you actually get to that point! Isn't it fantastic?!

I hope you will realise that most actions you are afraid of will not cost your life. Most of the times, fear is mind-made. In your mind. And only in your mind. Sometimes they come from bad experiences. So what?! Bad experiences don't necessarily repeat unless you believe in them. Focus on your strengths and on your chances. And give yourself a chance to make a good experience.

Bad experiences do not repeat unless you believe in them.